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Checking Lease Agreements

Today we have been checking a complex Lease Agreement for a client

A Lease that has to be equally fair for the Landlord and incoming Tenant

Retirement Visa applications Pattaya

This week we have had more than the average number of enquiries for Retirement Visas in Pattaya

We are always pleased to help!

Negotiation on behalf of a client in Pattaya

Today we have been negotiating a sale and transfer of ownership procedure for a client

Company Formation in Pattaya

Saturday and compiling the paperwork to be submit to DBD Pattaya!

2 new company set-ups for Monday

Company Formation etc.

Today we have been working on new company set-up

PBA Mailshot

Today PBA are planning their first mailshot

Preparing Visa Applications

The team at PBA are busy preparing the paperwork for Visa applications

PBA Legal Services

Today the PBA Legal Team are working on on a complex legal case

Retirement Visa applications Pattaya

Today we have 2 cases for new Retirement Visa applications in Pattaya

Clients in the office with their paperwork

Tax Planning

The PBA accountancy team are looking at the tax situation for a non-Thai resident considering a permanent move to Thailand

Tax planning