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New Thai Company Formation

Yesterday afternoon we registered a new Thai Limited Company for a client

Thai Company Formation

We are certainly busy with formation of Thai Limited Companies.


Negotiation on behalf of a client in Pattaya

Today we have been negotiating a sale and transfer of ownership procedure for a client

PBA on the road today!

What a busy day we've got in front of ourselves today!

Visits, visits, meetings, meetings...

Company Formation in Pattaya

Saturday and compiling the paperwork to be submit to DBD Pattaya!

2 new company set-ups for Monday

Company Formation etc.

Today we have been working on new company set-up

PBA Mailshot

Today PBA are planning their first mailshot

PBA Pattaya Company Setup Service

Another day of setting up Thai limited companies for clients.

We also had a walk-in customer who wanted a Retirement Visa

PBA reducing client company's capital

One task that PBA will be doing is reducing a Thai Company's capital

This is just one of many jobs that we will undertake today

PBA Company Setup Services

Today the staff at PBA are preparing documents to set up a Thai Limited Company for one of their clients with 3M THB Share Capital