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Today we have a telephone conference call planned to discuss current issues with a Juristic Person.

Do we want to take the appointment as Juristic person for this Pattaya condominium?

Juristic Person Meetings today in Pattaya

Today is going to be taken up with Juristic Person Service meetings in Pattaya

Office Signs changed for PBA

As Pattaya Business Alliance (PBA) share our offices in Welcome Town we added their services to the new door and window signs

Juristic Person Services in Pattaya by PBA

This morning PBA had a follow-up meeting in Pattaya regarding Juristic Person Services for a medium-sized Thai condominium in central Pattaya

PBA Offer Condo Management Services in Pattaya

Today PBA held a successful meeting with a Condominium in Pattaya

We were appointed Building Managers from 1 January 2021

PBA Juristic Person Services in Pattaya

Are you on the committee of a Condominium or Housing development?

Are you looking for a change of Juristic Person or Building Management for your Condominium or Housing development?

House Rules & Condo Rules & Regulations

It has been a busy day at PBA with various tasks - the main one being the drafting out of the House Rules to accompany the Condominium Rules & Regulations for a high-rise condo in Pattaya.