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Another Retirement VISA done!

A Five Star Villas & Condos rental client needed a Retirement Visa 


What a busy day today was

Today has been a day of many tasks

All successfully completed

Retirement Visa Pattaya

Another Retirememt Visa ready for collection

Another happy customer

Retirement Visa applications Pattaya

This week we have had more than the average number of enquiries for Retirement Visas in Pattaya

We are always pleased to help!

Retirement Visa applications Pattaya

Today we have 2 cases for new Retirement Visa applications in Pattaya

Clients in the office with their paperwork

PBA Pattaya Company Setup Service

Another day of setting up Thai limited companies for clients.

We also had a walk-in customer who wanted a Retirement Visa

PBA offering RETIREMENT VISAS in Pattaya

Today PBA have had 2 inquiries for RETIREMENT VISAS from ex-Pat residents in Pattaya

PBA receiving Sunday morning phone calls for VISA appointments

It's Sunday morning and the phone is ringing

Someone wanting to make an appointment to apply for a Retirement Visa - appointment made for Monday!

Family Visa Pattaya

Today we have been preparing the paperwork to apply for a Family Support Visa for a Pattaya resident

PBA - a smooth Visa Retirement service in Pattaya

Today PBA have applied for a Retirement Visa on behalf of a new client who chose us from GOOGLE

It felt so good to help him - He said that previous years' applications had proven difficult due to etc. etc.