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Visa renewals in Pattaya

Don't let chaos reign 

Dont get stressed!

A strange day

Today we had corporate clients leaving a rented property and returning back to their home country.

This has been planned for three months ...

Continuing to function!

We are still working and doing business ... with care and consideration to all parties and only if all parties consent to meetings.

Awaiting further announcements from the Government ... but preparing to WFH

Insurance demand

Not suprisingly the demand for Medical Insurance has increased over the past 2-3 weeks

And Quotations are being emailed on a daily basis to customers

Social Distancing – Protect yourself AND others!

From previous BLOG posts you will know that I’m working from Home as much as possible.

I have chosen to semi-isolate myself…

Pattaya considers total Lockdown?

Media are reporting that Pattaya faces a total Lockdown

Pattaya is the second worst affected district in the Province of Chonburi

PBA Visa update

PBA VISA UPDATE - 8 April 2020
We still advise anyone with long-stay Visa to continue with the renewal of your VISA as usual.

Everyone must wear a mask in Pattaya

New ORDER from Governor!
The order is effective for Pattaya Area, as part of Pattaya City's lock down which was put forward to the Governor of Chonburi for approval.

Pattaya Alcohol Ban

On 11 April the Governor of Chonburi announced a ban on the sale and distribution of alcohol and drinking in public places until 30 April 2020

Happy Easter 2020

Five Star Villas & Condos wish you a Happy Easter in these difficult times