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Are you having VISA problems in Pattaya as a result of the COVID-19 virus?

Are you having VISA problems while staying in Pattaya as a result of the COVID-19 virus?

Many people are ...

Visa renewals in Pattaya

Don't let chaos reign 

Dont get stressed!

Another Retirement VISA done!

A Five Star Villas & Condos rental client needed a Retirement Visa 


Heartbreaking weekend saying no ...

Over the weekend we had several phone calls from around the world from people trying to get back into Thailand

Our Visa services are running as normal

Our Visa application and renewal service is running as usual.

Overstay on your passport?

We strongly recommend that all costs you do not get an overstay stamp on your passport

This causes serious complications when renewing your Visa or applying for Retirement Visas etc.

PBA Visa update

PBA VISA UPDATE - 8 April 2020
We still advise anyone with long-stay Visa to continue with the renewal of your VISA as usual.

Change in 90-day reporting procedure

No 90-day report required until 30 April 2020.
Situation changes and new regulation announced daily.

Everyone must wear a mask in Pattaya

New ORDER from Governor!
The order is effective for Pattaya Area, as part of Pattaya City's lock down which was put forward to the Governor of Chonburi for approval.

Guiding new clients through the Visa Extension process

We are getting calls from some very stressed new clients that don't fit in with the lastest Visa extension guidelines