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Today we've had an interesting meeting with a customer

He is wanting an ED Visa ... an EDUCATION VISA

Preparing for a Conference Call

In these times of Social Distancing we are having to conduct important Conference Calls.

Today's is no exception.

PBA Land Office transfer services

This morning PBA were at the Land Office in Pattaya transferring property for a new client

Office Signs changed for PBA

As Pattaya Business Alliance (PBA) share our offices in Welcome Town we added their services to the new door and window signs

Land Office Transfer at Pattaya by PBA

Many jobs to start and finish today and schedule for next week

Presently staff are at the Pattaya Land Office (Banglamung) completing a property transfer

PBA Offer Land Office Transfer Services

Today PBA have been representing a client at the Banglamung (Pattaya) Land Office conducting the transfer of land and house purchased for an Ex-Pat though a Bank Mortgage.

Land Office Transfer at Pattaya by PBA

Today a member of PBA's staff has been transferring a condo in Foreign Ownership at the Pattaya Land Office (Banglamung) for a client that came recommended from an existing customer.

It's great to get referrals!