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Heartbreaking weekend saying no ...

Over the weekend we had several phone calls from around the world from people trying to get back into Thailand

Work Permit applications

Today we have meetings about the reneal of Business Visas and Work Permits

Work Permits in Pattaya

Today, on my birthday, I've been working on an application for a Work Permit in Pattaya

Work Permit Application Preparation

Today we are again working on an application for a Work Permit

This Pattaya resident is applying for a Work Permit for the first time

Work Permit application for Pattaya business

Next stop Chonburi to deliver the Work Permit application

All the paperwork is in order so the application can now be submitted

Work Permit Renewal Pattaya

Today we have started the process for another Work Permit renewal in Pattaya

A visit to the Revenue Dept.

Today we had a meeting at the Revenue Dept. on behalf of a client

Chonburi Province COVID-19 FREE

Chonburi Province has had no new COVID-19 cased for 14 days!

Chonburi is a COVID-FREE Province!

Work Permit Applications Pattaya!

We have a few work permit application and renewal cases today for people in Pattaya.

To work legally in Thailand as a foreigner you must have a Work Permit

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