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Require JURISTIC Services?

Are you a new development needing Juristic Services or an existing one that is dissatisfied with its present Juristic Services?

PBA offer full Juristic services for condominium projects or housing developments ... and have EXPERIENCE


Today we've had an interesting meeting with a customer

He is wanting an ED Visa ... an EDUCATION VISA

Accountancy services in demand

We've suddenly had a batch of enquiries for monthly accounany services

Many different types of business ... no problem!

Work Permit applications

Today we have meetings about the reneal of Business Visas and Work Permits

Work Permits in Pattaya

Today, on my birthday, I've been working on an application for a Work Permit in Pattaya

Retirement Visa Pattaya

Another Retirememt Visa ready for collection

Another happy customer

Work Permit Application Preparation

Today we are again working on an application for a Work Permit

This Pattaya resident is applying for a Work Permit for the first time

Electricity Charges Reduced!

Due to public outcry the Cabinet has approved the measure to REDUCE electricity charges for households for the period March to May 2020

Visa Update 21 April 2020

The Cabinet has approved a further 90 days extension to existing Visas in Thailand

Busy today with Medical Insurance quotations

Is it a sign of the times or just renewals?

It is both ... we are so busy!