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Pleased to be associated with ... PBA

Opportunities do not come your way every day ...

But the day that we became associated with PBA was a day to remember!

Require JURISTIC Services?

Are you a new development needing Juristic Services or an existing one that is dissatisfied with its present Juristic Services?

PBA offer full Juristic services for condominium projects or housing developments ... and have EXPERIENCE


Today we've had an interesting meeting with a customer

He is wanting an ED Visa ... an EDUCATION VISA


PBA busy doing translations today

Translation services in Pattaya

We have sucessfully quoted for a legal tranlation to be used as evidence in Court

Now the email has arrived and the translation starts!

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COVID19 related updates on a regular basis too!

Medical Translation English to Thai

One of today's jobs is to translate a 3-page medical document from English to Thai


Legal translation Pattaya by PBA

Today we have been busy as usual

One big job that came in was a legal translation for use in Pattaya court

Office Signs changed for PBA

As Pattaya Business Alliance (PBA) share our offices in Welcome Town we added their services to the new door and window signs

Pattaya Business Alliance Welcome Town for VISAS and MORE

A busy day today at the PBA office ...