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Five Star develop referral network across America

With lots of hard work and due dilligence we are getting there!


In England we are known as “Estate Agents

Working late last night

Last night was one of those nights when you just can't sleep ... we all get them I know

So I got up and decided to do some more SEO work on the website

Large 2-bedroom condo for rent on Pratumnak Hill

It's not often that condos as large as this come on the market at this reasonable price!

Property Newsletter March 2020 #3

Last night we mailed out our Five Star Villas & Condos Property Newsletter March 2020 #3

Did you receive yours?

Why oh why?

It’s been a frustrating day dealing with other real estate brokers in Pattaya.

DUPLEX 1-bed condo for sale Wong Amat Pattaya

Luxury bachelor-style 1-bedroom apartment for sale in Wong Amat Pattaya

2-bedroom condo for sale on the beach

Great 2-bedroom condo for sale in Foreign Quota

Ooops - is it Sunday?

With WFH every day feels the same.

I've just been told that it's Sunday!