In England we are known as “Estate Agents

In Thailand and USA (and some other countries) the English term “Estate Agent” is often replaced by “Real Estate Broker”.

But what is a Realtor®?

You will have seen the term “Realtor®” used by some real estate professionals when describing themselves or their business.

Are they really a Realtor® in the true sense or do they simply not understand what a Realtor® is?

The term “Realtor®” was created and copyrighted by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) in the United States of America to elevate agents and brokers.

The only real estate brokers (estate agents) who can call themselves a Realtor® are the ones who are official members of NAR.

When a non-member of NAR refers to himself as a Realtor® is it misrepresentation or just ignorance of the facts?

Robert Watson is a Realtor® and an official member of NAR Global and always carries his REALTOR® Membership Card for identification purposes … so he can REALLY be your Realtor®!

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