Social Distancing – Protect yourself AND others!

From previous BLOG posts you will know that I’m working from Home as much as possible.

I have chosen to semi-isolate myself…

But I’ve just had to go to the ATM to pay a few bills – I’m possibly one the few people on the planet not doing internet banking yet!

To the point: I saw an old Swiss guy on a motorbike driving through the village without crash helmet or a protective mask. No doubt going to see a friend and double (?) the chance of exposure to COVID-19.

Every other person I saw on my 10-minute round trip were Thais taking good care of themselves and others.

Another point I’d like to make is about our office. Today we are open. Tomorrow we might all be working from Home. Some staff have decided, and others have not yet decided if they want that strict isolation until it is fully enforced.
As a company we are monitoring the situation daily; all staff in the office are wearing protective face masks and regularly using hand sanitizers.

If you visit our office, please feel free to use the sanitizer dispensers on the reception desks. Please keep your social distance from our staff and PLEASE wear a face mask. We have a comfortable sofa in reception where you can easily converse with staff no more than 3-4 paces away.

Please be careful – please keep safe – please keep healthy - please keep on Social Media