Renting Houses and Villas In Pattaya with Five Star

Our Rental Manager at Five Star Villas & Condos has a full diary again today.

The rental team are showing a wide range of houses and villas for rent throughout the Pattaya area

It's not a whistle-stop-tour of properties.

These properties have been carefully selected from talking with the customer to find out their exact requirements.

For example:
Do they need to be close to the international schools?
Do they have pets?
Is it necessary to be very close to the shops and food markets?
Is a beach location really necessary?
Does the house have to have a garden?
Do they need a private pool when the community has a large communal swimming pool?
With their age do they want a single storey house?
Do they need to within a certain driving distance of hospitals or clinics?
Will they use a car or motorbike to travel to central Pattaya?
Will this be a good location for the spouce when you are at work 7-7?
The list goes we can identify your next home in Pattaya

After walking the client(s) through the houses we give them time to "feel" the house themselves while we sit on the terrace.

And then on to the next one with an opportunity to discuss the last one that was viewed.

Why not use Five Star Villas & Condos to source your next rental property in the Pattaya area!