Pattaya to re-open

All businesses that were closed as the result of the previous orders shall remain closed closed until 30 April 2020 and can re-open from 1 May 2020

Note from Chonburi Province:

Regarding announcement number 18, dated 14 April 2020, determining 30 April 2020 as the end date for business closure orders previously announced, the announcement is aimed as a relief to the people and business owners in Chonburi.

If there is any change to the overall situation in Thailand and Chonburi, the committee shall issue new orders as necessary for the optimum benefit of Thailand and its people.

The other measurements issued in order to control the spread of the virus are still effective.

Should everything be back to normal on 1 May 2020 or not depends on the situation from now until then.

The cooperation from the people of Chonburi will determine the end result that we hope for.