Pattaya Lock-down Countdown

According to Pattaya news media outlets Pattaya will be on Lock-down from 14:00 on Thursday, 9 April 2020 to reduce the spread of COVID-19

This proposal was agreed by Pattaya City Hall and forwarded to the Governor of Chonburi for approval.

The closure will begin at 14:00 on Thursday of this week and restrict the movement of all traffic and people. 

Checkpoints will be in place 24-hours a day.

As far as we understand this Lock-down only concerns movement inside the Pattaya City boundary.

We expect to be able to travel freely on most parts of the east side of Sukhumvit but will only be able to enter Pattaya City under certain conditions, such as having an Employer's certificate or Work Permit to get to your place of work. A request for certain other non-restrictive movements of individuals has been sent by Pattaya City Hall to the Governor of Chonburi for approval.

Clarification is awaited on the above.

It is vital that when leaving your vehicle, home, office, hotel etc. that you wear a face mask.

Please keep safe
Please keep your distance from others
Please keep healthy
Please keep in regular telephone or Social Media contact with others
Please let people know that you are safe and healthy