Agents Lifestyle Changes

Real Estate Agents are having to change their lifestyle to accommodate COVID-19

Gone are the 9-5 working days.

Unsuprisingly web traffic to our Five Star website has maintained its high levels.

People are watching the situation in Thailand and are looking forward to returning or moving here to make their home in Thailand.
The local market is very active.

Most evenings, including weekends, our NETFLIX family time is interruped by emails, messages and international phone calls from potential customers.

How do we buy that house or condo?

Some customers have seen the value in what they want and have transferred funds to purchase good-value condos

One guy called by WhatsApp last week and asked how he could buy a certain condo without coming to Thailand during this pandemic.
I explained that his only option was to transfer the money to our Client Account.
We laughed.
He said that before sending USD 200,000 he wanted to see the bride first!
We will keep in touch and perhaps the boarders will be opened before this great condo is sold; and he will have the opportunity to see his bride before paying!

So the 9-5 working day has now become 9-9 7-days-a-week

We are far from complaining.
The social interaction with clients is good to build that professional relationship and trust!

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