A strange day

Today we had corporate clients leaving a rented luxury property and returning back to their home country.

This has been planned for three months ...

Today was supposed to be the final inspection of the pool villa in Jomtien and hand-over of the property.

To what sounded like disatisfaction from a 3rd Party relocation company I cancelled the meeting.

One of the tenants was pregnant and decided that it would not be safe practice for several people to visit the house and spend time doing the inspection before handing over the keys.

The husband saw my point of view and seemed relieved.

We agreed that they would leave in their own time this afternoon and hand the keys to my staff waiting with the security guard.

The tenant sent about 60 photos of the pool villa showing the excellent condition in which they were leaving it.

I forwarded the photos to the landlord in north America by LINE. He was more than happy and understood the decision that I made.

My staff can now do the inspection over the next few days subject to lockdown, and the Security Deposit can be returned to the tenants once all utilities have been paid.

Perhaps the relocation company will not want to work with me again; but I did what I thought best in these difficult times.

One might argue that the pregnant lady was going to fly 6,000 miles with 300 other passengers - that I cannot control - this I could.